NTi offers an array of specialized forensic accounting and analytical support to locate critical evidence and high probability leads for financial investigations. NTi thoroughly and methodically digitize, analyze, and catalog the financial intelligence to conduct a targeted investigation to identify sequence/patterns of transactions, common financial institutions among subjects, tracing of assets, etc. Once all transactions are cataloged, we analyze each account in conjunction with communication records and case information to determine patterns, dates of interest, suspicious transactions, and present the entire picture of money flow.


Over the years, NTi has developed proprietary techniques, software, etc. to access and exploit the email world. Our in-house developed software greatly enhances the review of email records by taking traditional analysis a step further. NTi applies proprietary algorithms to identify relationships, hierarchy, communication activity, frequency and statistics, patterns and sequences, and many more. Our analysts primarily utilize the ITLA (Implied Temporal Link Analysis) feature within our in-house software to show direct and implied links. Each of these algorithms and reports contribute to the overall analytical product submitted to our client.

NTi’s in-house algorithms can show how many instances a subject sent an email from a specific location(s), their most frequented location(s), the subject’s area(s) of operation, a subject’s whereabouts during significant events, etc. Based on this algorithm, we can then gather all information relating to the subject’s IP address and determine its relevancy to the case.



NTi's founder is a nationally recognized expert in telephone analysis. He developed proprietary algorithms and techniques for Implied Temporal Link Analysis (ITLA) in order to identify direct and indirect connections among subjects. NTi has extensive background experience in telephone analysis that has been utilized for both government and private sector clients. We have worked with all types of electronic communications media and have developed cutting-edge analytical techniques, many of which have been patented. We perform ITLA that exploits the psychology of how people use telephones to support their suspicious operation(s). Our methods can identify relationships and hierarchy among associates, even if we have telephone call records on only one telephone.


NTi’s bulk data process has drastically evolved over the last 40 years. Bulk data that would take months now processes within 24-36 hours. Our technology driven analysts are always researching the most advanced software available to ensure that NTi remains competitive in the bulk data industry. Our state-of the art software now indexes all file types and processes at a high rate of speed. NTi searches quickly and efficiently through terabytes of data enabling us to analyze your files in a cost effective and timely manner.

NTi utilizes in-house developed techniques allowing us to search through terabytes of electronic data within seconds. NTi's analytical approach utilizes iterations of keyword searches to pinpoint relevant information specific to your case, request, or area of analysis.


NTi specializes in the preservation of bulk hardcopy documents. Scanning is the first step, which includes image enhancement techniques to produce high quality electronic images. Our process simultaneously converts and OCRs (Optimal Character Recognition) files to make them searchable. NTi's streamlined scanning process allows us to complete your request in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our document digitization services include document scanning, large format scanning, letter or legal size documents, photo scanning, bonded material, stapled material, and more.


The internet consists of three (3) main levels; the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. By performing, the most cost efficient methods of research NTi is able to help clients make informed business decisions, investments, hiring of new employees, determine a person’s online presence, and more. NTi creates a customized attack plan to identify case-related information on the internet. We actively research and cache operating onion URLs to ensure that each case is investigated to the deepest depths of the internet.


Equipped with the ultimate forensic technology, NTi and our partners are able to capture and analyze data from virtually any/all storage device.  Pulling from computers, cell phones, cloud services, or other sources, our team collects and preserves critical digital evidence.  NTi's team of experts have years of experience in conducting forensic investigations quickly and efficiently.


NTi’s offers case assessments to determine case strategy, assess risks, and predict costs. Through a discussion with NTi's Analysts, we can advise on any investigative or analytical services that may assist with your litigation goals.


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