Confidentiality is NTi’s primary standard throughout all areas of support.  When tasked with privileged material, NTi dedicates a separate network server and team to isolate, filter, and/or review the potentially privileged material.  NTi utilizes our iteration keyword search technique and the keywords/phrases provided to ensure all possible instances of potentially privileged material is identified and isolated.

Upon receiving a keyword listing from the client, NTi formulates a series of searches to conduct within the case dataset.  NTi performs preliminary searches on the keyword listing, to locate any/all information specific to the keywords; i.e. email addresses, name variations, etc.  Once the privileged material is identified and extracted into a separate folder, NTi then formulates a search term to pull all remaining files that are not privileged (clean files).  We then extract the clean files and save them in a separate database.

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