Applying Artificial Intelligence Lead Integration & Preliminary Review

Algorithms to generate leads and preliminary relevant document identification including document navigation, labeling, metadata filtering, keyword search, geolocation, tagging and more.


Lead Integration

The initial phase of gathering, organizing, and exploiting structured and unstructured data from sources provided by the client. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms and techniques we generate high probability leads. The algorithm analyzes the timing and sequence of communication and events to identify direct, implied, and proximity connections within the case database. The application of the algorithm is conducted prior to reviewing the content of emails and documents, allowing us to have a better understanding of the data set to formulate a comprehensive keyword list for queries for our client.


Preliminary Document Review

Preliminary review of the data to identify key documents and evidence of interest - maximizing review time and simplifying the most critical tasks.

Utilizing our preferred software, its speed and agility in a standalone viewer are unmatched to traditional document review. We are able to analyze large files and multimedia in seconds, with the ability to filter, tag, and bookmarks files with ease. NTi can advance your investigation and discovery by isolating the vital documents instantly.



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