Equipped with the ultimate forensic technology, NTi and our partners are able to capture and analyze data from virtually any/all storage device.  Pulling from computers, cell phones, cloud services, or other sources, our team collects and preserves critical digital evidence.  NTi's team of experts have years of experience in conducting forensic investigations quickly and efficiently.

NTi analyzes data obtained as forensic evidence (via FTK & EnCase) from computer drives and other electronic storage media.  Using forensics software, we extract, convert, to several different Windows-readable formats, and then apply our in-house developed techniques to identify actionable intelligence and evidence from the contents of the imaged drives.

Our forensic process allows us to recover deleted files, document user behavior, track the movement of data, analyze network activity, and more.  It has been our experience that having access to hidden, deleted, or typically unsearchable files on a subject's computer often leads to the identification of critical evidence.

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