NTi offers an array of specialized forensic accounting and analytical support to identify critical evidence and high probability leads for civil and criminal cases, as well as connecting domestic and international asset(s) to Specified Unlawful Activity (SUA).  NTi’s team includes a licensed Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of experience analyzing bank records, tax returns, and other financial documents in hundreds of criminal and civil investigations. Our CPA has also served as an Accounting Expert/Fact Witness in numerous federal criminal cases for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in several districts.

Our process consists of thoroughly and methodically digitizing, analyzing, and cataloging your financial data to determine patterns, dates of interest, suspicious transactions, common financial institutions among subjects/entities, tracing of assets, etc. and present the entire picture of money flow. We also identify financial information to corroborate other evidence of fraud and prepare detailed reports and flowcharts of the analysis.

One of the many analytical programs NTi uses enables us to search through terabytes of data within seconds.  This ensures that our client receives a high quality product without the cost.

  • Financial Tracing
  • Identifying Common Financial Institutions among adversary's
  • Foreign Banking
  • Creation of Subject's Financial Status in a Timeline Format
  • Transcription
  • Tracing of Assets
  • Link Analysis to Trace Financial Activity to Significant Events
  • Money Laundering Detection
  • Sequence/Patterns of Transactions
  • Data Entry of any/all Financial Records
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