NTi has developed proprietary techniques, software, etc. to access and exploit data in the email world.  Our in-house developed software greatly enhances the review of email records by taking traditional analysis a step further.  NTi applies proprietary algorithms to identify relationships, hierarchy, communication activity, frequency and statistics, patterns and sequences, and many more.  Our analysts primarily utilize the ITLA (Implied Temporal Link Analysis) feature within our in-house software to show direct and implied links.  Each of these algorithms and reports contribute to the overall analytical product submitted to our client.

NTi’s algorithms extracts data rapidly, allowing analysis to be completed in a cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner. The analysis can show how many instances a subject sent an email from a specific location(s), their most frequented location(s), the subject’s area(s) of operation, a subject’s whereabouts during significant events, etc.  Based on this algorithm, we can then gather all information relating to the subject’s IP address and determine its relevancy to the case.


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