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NTi’s special adaptation of telephone analytical concepts to email communications contact and implied temporal link analysis greatly enhances the review of email records.

Email Analysis – Direct and proprietary implied temporal analysis, timeline analysis, as well as traditional analysis of email records from Microsoft Outlook, AOL, web-based applications such as Hotmail, Gmail, and other mail clients/services. Our email contact analysis identifies relationships, hierarchy, etc., similar to the analysis of telephone calls. In addition, NTi conducts complex 3 iteration keyword searches to identify case relevant information.

IP Address Analysis – Direct and proprietary implied temporal analysis of IP addresses used by targets and the identification of account/user/IP associations allows NTi the ability to identify specific intelligence not generally obtained by other means. NTi’s data extraction techniques extract all email header information from any set of email records, including the sender’s IP address. NTi’s in-depth analysis can show on how many instances a target sent an email from a specific location(s), their most frequented location(s), the target’s area(s) of operation, a target’s whereabouts during significant events, etc. Click to download NTi-Email & IP Address Analysis & Tracing services brief.

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