NTi specializes in the preservation of bulk hardcopy documents. Scanning is the first step, which includes image enhancement techniques to produce high quality electronic images. Our process simultaneously converts and OCRs (Optimal Character Recognition) files to make them searchable. NTi's streamlined scanning process allows us to complete your request in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.


Real Time Scanning and Review - Our analysts review each document as its scanned, providing the first of many levels of quality assurance and control.

Converts/OCRs Simultaneously - Our bulk conversion software converts and OCRs four (4) documents at once. This process allows for faster, more efficient results.

Flexible Scheduling Options - NTi offers different scheduling options for our OCR process. Tasks can be completed on an always, daily, or weekly schedule allowing for files to be completed 24/7.

Prioritize Your Tasks - During the OCR process, our software can prioritize boxes, binders, file cabinets, etc. as requested by the client.

Typing Handwritten Notes - Upon request, NTi identifies and types any handwritten and "non-OCRable" text. By doing this it allows the handwritten notes to become searchable.

Analyzing Your Scanned Data - NTi can take your scanned data a step further.  Upon request, our highly trained team will review and/or analyze your data providing assistance with any task.

NTi Saves You Time and Money - We offer competitive and affordable pricing for high quality results. Our streamlined process ensures a faster and more accurate data delivery.


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