NTi's Proprietary Algorithms & Techniques for Implied Temporal Link Analysis (ITLA)
NTi has developed proprietary algorithms and techniques for Implied Temporal Link Analysis (ITLA) to identify direct and implied connections among targets. ITLA analyzes the time and sequence of a target’s call records to identify high-probability leads relating to the target’s co-conspirators.

“Traditional” link analysis of 12,000 call detail records would look like the illustration below.

NTi’s algorithms filter through the target’s call detail records analyzing the timing and sequence of the calls. The analysis generates high-probability implied links immediately identifying the target’s co-conspirators. NTi’s ITLA would look the illustration below.

Telephone Call Record Analysis
NTi has worked with all types of electronic communications media and has developed cutting-edge analytical techniques, many of which have been patented. We perform direct and implied temporal link analysis that exploits the psychology of how people use telephones to support their criminal and terrorist operations. Our methods can identify relationships and hierarchy among co-conspirators and support people, even if we have telephone call records on only one telephone.
Email & Internet Protocol Analysis/Tracing Email & Internet Protocol Analysis/Tracing
NTi’s special adaptation of telephone analytical concepts to email communications contact and implied temporal link analysis greatly enhances the review of email records.

Email Analysis – Direct and proprietary implied temporal analysis, timeline analysis, as well as traditional analysis of email records from Microsoft Outlook, AOL, web-based applications such as Hotmail, Gmail, and other mail clients/services. Our email contact analysis identifies relationships, hierarchy, etc., similar to the analysis of telephone calls. In addition, NTi conducts complex 3 iteration keyword searches to identify case relevant information.

IP Address Analysis – Direct and proprietary implied temporal analysis of IP addresses used by targets and the identification of account/user/IP associations allows NTi the ability to identify specific intelligence not generally obtained by other means. NTi’s data extraction techniques extract all email header information from any set of email records, including the sender’s IP address. NTi’s in-depth analysis can show on how many instances a target sent an email from a specific location(s), their most frequented location(s), the target’s area(s) of operation, a target’s whereabouts during significant events, etc.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Analysis Forensic Accounting and Financial Analysis
NTi offers an array of specialized forensic accounting and analytical support to identify critical evidence and high probability leads for financial investigations. NTi thoroughly and methodically digitize, analyze, and catalog the financial intelligence to conduct a targeted investigation to identify sequence/patterns of transactions, common financial institutions among targets, tracing of assets, etc.
Forensically Obtained Evidence Analysis Forensically Obtained Evidence Analysis
NTi analyzes data that has been obtained as forensic evidence (via FTK & EnCase) from computer drives and other electronic storage media. Using forensics software, we extract, convert to several different Windows-readable formats, and then apply our in-house developed techniques to identify actionable intelligence and evidence from the contents of the imaged drives.
Open Source, Social Media, & Deep/Dark Web Investigations Open Source, Social Media, & Deep/Dark Web Investigations
Utilizing anonymizers and proxy services, NTi’s analysis is completely anonymous, including; social networking analysis (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), asset searches, criminal history, webpage archives, etc. to determine target’s use of social networking, photos, criminal records, real property, etc. In addition, NTi queries live hidden services for any target mention(s) and presence on the deep and dark web.
Document Scanning and Analysis Document Scanning and Analysis
NTi specializes in the preservation of bulk hardcopy documents. NTi’s system scans/OCRs documents preserving the structure and document association. NTi’s high-powered OCR engine and indexing creates searchable text to conduct keyword searches and identify relevant items/entities to be analyzed, potential assets, evidence to create custom index/overview of the evidence, etc.

Document Scanning/OCR – Every page within each box is scanned and undergoes OCR

  • OCR allows each document to be searchable
  • Any pertinent handwriting and “non-OCRable” text is hand-typed
  • Significant information is identified
  • Documents and information are returned to the box in their original, pre-scan order, stapling, bindings, folders, etc.

Analysis of Scanned Documents

  • NTi then works with the clients’ investigator(s) to identify tactical leads, relationships and activities of co-conspirators, and evidence for prosecution.
  • Analytical products are produced (link charts, timelines, narrative descriptions of criminal operations, etc.) to support and present all conclusions for presentation to investigative management, prosecutors, and for court exhibits.
Privileged Communication & Information Review Privileged Communication & Information Review
NTi dedicates a separate network server and team to isolate, filter, and/or review potentially privileged material. NTi utilizes our 3 iteration keyword search technique and the keywords/phrases provided to ensure all possible instances of potentially privileged material is identified and isolated.
Transcription Services Transcription Services
NTi transcribes a wide variety of audio recordings including interviews, phone calls, voicemails, etc. NTi transcribes the recordings into MS Word, PDF, HTML, etc.
Analytical Products & Reports Analytical Products & Reports
NTi integrates all analytical results to generate analytical product(s) to create investigative reports, leads, association link charts, timelines, evidence indexes, etc. NTi can create target production load with the results of our analysis for Relativity, iCONECT, Concordance, etc.
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