Applying Advanced Human Intelligence for Investigative & Analytical Techniques

Our high-end software allows for comprehensive data processing, review, and analysis together on a single platform. NTi is able to uncover critical evidence faster, make more meaningful connections across the data, and build a stronger case.

 We then extract and provide our clients with key evidence/documents through evidence indexes and/or legal platforms.

Analyzing Documents Securely

NTi and our partners provide application hosting and virtual machine capabilities worldwide. Our technology platform services allow NTi’s analysts to conduct our analysis remotely, ensuring compliance with all data privacy regulations.

Applied Analytics

NTi's analysts index the dataset to generate a word frequency list to create search parameters relevant to the specific lines of inquiry defined by the client. The generated word lists are then analyzed to determine not only the frequency of key terms, but build a comprehensive keyword list to interrogate the dataset efficiently and effectively.

Applied Advanced Human Intelligence

NTi's analytical approach is quite different from a conventional search. Once we have applied our advanced analytical techniques, we use the information identified during our analysis to create custom search parameters relevant to the dataset or investigation. We then employ a 3-iteration keyword technique to build a comprehensive keyword list to pinpoint relevant evidence. Each iteration of keyword searches builds and refines areas of interest and keywords relevant to the investigation. 

Leading-edge techniques allow our analysts to make connections and discover insights within, between, and across cases for accelerated, advanced investigations. We also have the ability to find hidden internet activities, such as visits to the dark web, and have a streamlined production and export to various final review platforms.

Results from Tier 2 analysis are integrated into evidence indexes and targeted production loads for our clients to efficiently and effectively review, saving time and money.



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