Delivering Unparalleled Investigative, Intelligence, and Analytical Support

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NTi's expertise assists law firms to solve complex litigation matters and protect their clients' interest. NTi provides expertly assembled, actionable findings that contribute to the successful closure of the litigation process. Our expertise in computer forensics, asset identification, forensic accounting, due diligence, and document and data analysis allows us to work seamlessly and quickly. With our meticulous approach, we locate relevant evidence in financial records; detect and preserve evidence in all formats; and research and identify evidence across all levels of the Internet.

Our Diverse Experience

  • Customized & Targeted Investigative and Analytical plans
  • Comprehensive Data Mining & Management
  • Pre-Trial & Trial Support
  • Exhibit Preparations & Graphical Depictions

Areas of Expertise

  • Complex Fraud
  • Business Mergers & Aquistions
  • Contract Disputes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Healthcare & Insurance Fraud


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