NTi has developed and implemented specialized investigative and analytical techniques on hundreds of criminal and civil cases.

Commercial Case Examples

Commercial Case Example #1
The case began as a scheme to defraud a foreign country, now after two years of investigation, the case has expanded to international racketeering, bank fraud, wire fraud, bribery, etc. Over the course of two years, NTi has been provided over 40 million files for analysis. NTi has conducted hundreds of thousands of keyword, phrase, and boolean queries to identify and extract responsive evidence for the investigation. As a result of NTi’s analysis, a major law firm representing the victim foreign country has engaged in extensive civil action against individuals identified in this scheme. After NTi’s analysis, it was clear that their were also US Federal violations identified. The case was presented to the FBI who in turn opened an active investigation.
Commercial Case Example #2
NTi is provided with the name of a confidential high profile individual. NTi is then requested to identify the individual’s presence and vulnerability within the deep/dark web. NTi identifies whether the high profile individual’s is highly sought after on the internet and if there is any negative or threatening information regarding this individual, and more. NTi enables customized social media and internet crawlers and conducts targeted searches through the surface web and deep/dark web.
Commercial Case Example #3
For several years, NTi has worked hundreds of cases investigating individuals and entities involved in the production and selling of counterfeit goods. NTi conducts a wide array of internet-based queries to include, investigative databases, open source lookups, asset checks, social media reviews, etc. The evidence is provided to the client, who then determines the legal actions they wish to take.
Commercial Case Example #4
NTi is currently retained to conduct investigations and research relating to the names of various subjects of interest that are supplied by our Client. In one instance, NTi was requested to investigate various issues relating to a subject including, but not limited to, his improper submission of expense reports and reimbursement requests that had been submitted to the subject’s employer. In a separate case, the client requested for NTi to investigate a new subject for the potential breach of the subject’s employment contract. NTi conducted extensive queries via open source searches, social media platforms, and investigative databases in an effort to identify any evidence of the subject’s possible breach of contract

Government Case Examples

Government Case Example #1
For over 3 years, NTi assisted the Department of Defense in their investigation into an elaborate procurement fraud and money laundering scheme. The Department of Defense provided NTi with over 9 million files and call detail records; as well as, 20-25 forensically imaged hard drives to analyze. NTi’s analysis assisted the government to trace the proceeds of the procurement fraud through multiple layers of shell companies and subsequently purchased assets.
Government Case Example #2
NTi was requested to conduct analysis in support of a false claims investigation involving the impersonation of a U.S. Veteran after his death to obtain additional Veteran Owned Small Business contracts. NTi was provided over 500,000 email and call detail records to analyze to confirm the impersonation. NTi’s email and IP analysis and location tracing proved the submission of false claims to the government and the impersonation of a deceased U.S. Veteran.
Government Case Example #3
The Department of Justice requested NTi to conduct analysis in support of their investigation of a $800 million fraud against 3rd party health provider. NTi was provided over 3 million files for analysis to determine if the company fraudulently increased their AWP (average wholesale price) to target Tricare. NTi’s analysis identified evidence confirming the company increased their AWPs by as much as 500% and that they also coached pharmacies on how to charge insurance companies for the compounds.
Government Case Example #4
NTi was requested to analyze 115,000 telephone call records to determine if there was any contact between the target and several other known subjects of interest during key investigative periods. The call records provided were in both electronic and hardcopy format. NTi was able to reformat two-thirds of the call records to an electronically importable format. Approximately 12,000 of the telephone records had to be hand-keyed into our database for analysis due to the poor quality of the documents. NTi’s analysis provided material support to the case for a possible estimated recovery in the form of fines and restitution of $10,000,000 USD. The telephone record analysis was used to determine who the target was in contact with during the time in which foreign-made products were discovered and efforts were made to conceal it.
Government Case Example #5
NTi was requested to process and scan 180 boxes of Search Warrant Documents and identify any items of interest, such as a list of “foreign part numbers” for items sold to the US under government contracts. In total, NTi processed and scanned over 365,000 pages. These boxes contained poor quality images and a wide-array of different sized paper evidence. NTi created a customized plan to accurately and efficiently digitize the data.


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